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Hope Lenten Reflection

Hope: A Lenten Parable

Halfway through the desert, I found him, standing at the top of a sand dune. With my net full of rocks, I struggled to the top of it and fell at his feet…..

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What Does a Healthy Populism Look Like?

Pope Francis addresses the need for good governance and politicians who look towards the common good of all those they serve.

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Links for a Defense of Catholicism

People have honest questions. Here are some sites that address concerns protestants, atheists and others might have about the validity of the Catholic faith.

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How to Keep the Fire of Faith Burning

It’s one thing to light the fire of faith. It’s something totally different to keep it burning. In this video, I go over basic practices that help me keep my Catholic faith alive.

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What Every Bishop should Say to a President

The church has a long, proud history of calling world leaders to the carpet. The USCCB’s statement to President Biden was wholly appropriate.

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What does Loving the Immigrant Actually Mean?

God wants us to love the immigrant and refugee in our midst. But what does that really mean? Pope Francis addresses the practical steps countries need to take to love the stranger in their midst.

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Why I am Catholic – Specifically

With the multitude of denominations out there, deciding to “follow Jesus” can mean a lot of different things. This is why I chose Catholicism specifically.

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Why I am Catholic – Miracles

It might sound strange, but miracles are part of the reason I believe in God. In this video, I explain why.

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Why I am Catholic – the Movie

Someone on the internet asked me for evidence of my faith. In response, I thought I’d explore again why I became Catholic. This is the introduction to the series.

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You Can’t Do This Alone

How can I fix the world’s problems? It is overwhelming. But in discovering our personal vocation, we find our part to play in making the world a better place.

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Pope Francis: See the Poor and Act in Concrete Ways

Pope Francis encourages us to see how we can be a little bit like the characters in the story of the Good Samaritan. He counsels us to really see the poor and disadvantaged and act in concrete and local ways to help them.

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Which Story Tells Us the Truth?

The stories we tell ourselves shape us. The world has one story about Christianity, but I have mine.

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The Spiritual Bonds that Tie Us Together

We know what divides us as a country. And what divides us matters. But what unites us spiritually and ties us together matters, too.

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Toxic Politics and Globalization – YouTube Video

This is the third Wisdom of Pope Francis podcast episode I have converted into a YouTube video. Continuing in Fratelli Tutti, I get into the section where Pope Francis talks about the benefits and perils of globalization and also the way a toxic political culture can divide us.

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Can We All Just Go to Confession?

After the rioting in the Capitol, and all the insanity that has gone on in 2020, let’s look at the sin inside us before finding it in others.

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Intro to Fratelli Tutti – YouTube Episode

This episode of Wisdom of Pope Francis covers the introduction to Fratelli Tuttie, the pope’s latest encyclical. These are podcast episodes I am converting to YouTube videos.

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Sola Scriptura Doesn’t Work

Reading the Bible as though it were our only source for Christian dogma puts us in a sticky situation. We need the context of the larger tradition of the church.

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5 Amazing Catholic Movies

Christian films can be a little… meh. These, however, are cinematic masterpieces. How many have you seen?

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Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

The church is a force for good – both now and in the past. To say otherwise is to ignore the thousands who have toiled throughout history in the name of Christ.

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Mental Illness is Not a Death Sentence

Mental illness can wreck lives, or it can make everyone stronger and more compassionate. Here is what I’ve learned along the way.


What is the Heart of the Catholic Faith?

Catholicism is a big, sprawling religion, but at the heart of it is a very simple message every Catholic must come back to every day: the Kerygma.

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Is this a Dialogue or a Debate?

Being open to dialogue and another point of view are acts of love for our neighbor. It doesn’t mean we have to let go of our convictions.

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Catholic Culture Even an Atheist Could Love

In the rich history, culture and tradition of the church, even an atheist can find something to enrich the soul. Here are a few things the church has to offer.

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Keep Up that Humble Catholic Blog

Fellow humble Catholic blogger, you may only be getting two views per post, but it might still be worth it. Here’s why….

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Banning Facebook Commenters

I am happy to have a conversation with you if you disagree with me, but you need to be aware of the ground rules first. Don’t cross the line.

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The Catholic of Honor

Another cool site! This one from a Catholic apologist who knows his stuff.

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The Shades of Sin and Holiness

People may mock the idea of venial and mortal sin, but knowing there are degrees of wrongdoing can be a comfort for the Catholic person.

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Remember Me – Music Video

I took one of my songs and put some video footage to it. It’s about dealing with doubt.

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Wrestling with God

A short (but not too short) story about three people, their relationship with God, and the eternity it leads them to.

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Spiritual Direction in a Pandemic

I wrote a post over at All Along the Watchtower. Paul counsels us to pray without ceasing, abstain from evil, and give thanks in everything.

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Why Do You Matter?

Why are we important? What gives us value? These eternal questions are not as easy to answer as you might think.

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Calling All Catholic Content Creators!

Want to help and be helped by other Catholics trying to spread the beauty and truth of the faith online? Check this out.

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How to Pray the Way Jesus Taught Us

The Lord’s Prayer is deceptively simple but packs a wealth of spiritual insight into ourselves and our relationship with God.

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Three Cheers for the Boring Priest!

We hear stories all the time about the young celebrity pastor or priest who falls from grace – Carl Lentz being the latest. Maybe it’s time to appreciate the old, boring ones.

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Where are All the Fathers?

There is a shortage of good fathers in the world, but the good news is, you do not have to have a biological child to be one.

Forget the Year of the Ox. This is the Year of St. Joseph!

Pope Francis has declared this coming year in the Catholic Church the Year of St. Joseph, encouraging Catholics everywhere to look to the foster father of Jesus as a model for our own lives and for intercession.

My Journey to Catholicism

I’m writing over at jessicahof.blog as well as here. Check out my post there and read other great writers on the site.

What Does it Mean to Be Catholic?

What does it mean to be a Roman Catholic? Find out what the church calls the “very necessary minimum” for being in and growing in the church.

When Bishops Get it Right

The McCarrick report highlights the need for the church to take seriously the cries of those who are abused. Thankfully, in many ways, it’s already begun to do that. May more still be done!

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