I Love the Democratic Party, But….


I love the Democratic Party. I love their desire to help the poor and marginalized. I love their gestures of goodwill and solidarity with BLM. I would totally vote for them.

Then I remember that they’re fine with killing children.

But they have so much going for them! Young, fresh politicians like AOC and others bring new ideas to the table. Every now and then, we need to shake things up. Clearly our country is a mess.

Then I remember that one of their fresh ideas is to call the murder of children by their mothers a “human right.”

But look at the Republicans. I never liked Trump – from the primaries back in 2016 right up to today. He’s a mess on all fronts. He has no idea what’s he’s doing with this pandemic. He’s way in over his head. How could I ever vote for him?

Then again, Democrats are totally cool with ripping a child out of a woman and selling it’s body parts.

I can’t express how agonizing it is to pull the lever and vote for someone so repugnant to spend another four years in the White House.

It’s almost as bad as voting in a party that promotes infanticide.

But what choice do I have?

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