Abortion Advocates Always Dodge the Real Issue


It boggles the mind that the person responsible for 200,000 unnecessary deaths is held up as “pro-life” by people who also claim to be “pro-life,” though they don’t care about the people living in poverty, the people trapped in ICE concentration camps, the children traumatized by being separated from their parents, the people who are killed by police for entirely unjustifiable reasons, or so many others. They care only about forced birth. It’s abhorrent.

One of my friends on Facebook

As someone who is pro-life, what do I say to this? I don’t think this view is uncommon. It’s part of the larger question so many progressives have for conservative Christians/Catholics: how can you support a president like this while holding to your morality?

To an extent, my friend has a point. I do solidly blame Trump for the mess we are in with Covid 19. I’ll even grant the other accusations of him for the sake of this post (though I think they are debatable). Underneath the comment, though, is a distraction from the real issue.

It’s bizarre the way abortion activists completely ignore the whole reason people like me are pro-life. We’ve told them over and over again our reason. We paint it on enormous signs and march through cities every year proclaiming it. In case any of them have stilled missed it, here it is:

We don’t believe children should be murdered!

Any other attack on us for any other reason is a dangerous distraction. We are not anti-women. We are not in support of the patriarchy. Or if we are, that has absolutely nothing to do with our movement. We just think infanticide shouldn’t be legal.

But listen closely to literally every abortion advocate on the news. Please. Is this ever what they address? Is the humanity of a growing baby in a mother’s womb ever what is being discussed? Of course not. Because if they did, the conversation would become too uncomfortable. They would be forced to answer difficult questions, like “When does life begin?” and “Did you know Roe v. Wade sanctioned abortion as constitutionally legal through all nine months of pregnancy?”

No, it’s much easier to label abortion a human right and move on. It’s easier to play the hypocrisy card and make Christians feel guilty for choosing the lesser of two evils, perhaps not realizing it’s always an agonizing choice for us. No Christian I know wants to vote in a president accused of giving hush money to porn stars.

I’ll go further than that. I believe in man-made global warming. I want there to be a larger social safety net. I think a little socialism might be helpful for the US. I feel for illegal immigrants and would be happy to see more allowed in and amnesty for those already here and contributing.

But the choice I am given in this election and every election is not between my ideal candidate and Satan. I have to make the hard choices. And I do it for the kids as so many of us do.

So yes, I am probably voting for Donald Trump. I can’t believe I’m even typing this. And the reason is because of this:

It boggles the mind that the person and party supporting the mass genocide of unborn children is held up by people who say they care about the poor and vulnerable in society, though they don’t care about the millions of children murdered through abortion. They care only about freedom at the cost of even another person’s life.

Catholic Anonymous

It’s abhorrent.

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