Your Wall


You are gone,

Yet still right here,

Lost in thought,

Lost to your fear,

I try to speak

My words just fall

They cannot breach

Your wall.


Have I failed

In love somehow?

I’ve given up

Afraid to tell.

You don’t need me

Why stay at all?

I cannot breach

Your wall.


Is it wrong

To say I’m done?

Seems my help

Has reached no one.

But if you want me

After all

I will stand by

Your wall.


You tell me

From your barricade,

“I need no hero,”

Is what you say.

“Just hold my hand

Till this storm is calm

Leave me inside

My wall.”


At your gate

I hold to hope

That some day

You’ll let down your rope.

I’ll see that smile

I still recall,

And we’ll tear down

Your wall.


I recently put this poem to music. Check it out here.

©2020 Catholic Anonymous

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