I Don’t Remember – a song by CA


I Don’t Remember

My dad died about two weeks before I got married. We didn’t have a great relationship. He and my mom had divorced after a long marriage, and you could say he left a lot of bridges burning both with her and with his children.

For a Catholic person, no is ever really gone. I kept thinking about him and praying for him after he had died.

Years later, despite the rocky relationship, there was a moment when I realized I had come to peace with him. I was driving to work and realized, suddenly, that all the good memories I had with him were the ones that resonated most deeply with me. I had no bitterness in me. It was a moment of relief. I could forgive him and feel free myself.

That’s what this song is about. I hope you enjoy it and find peace in your own relationships.

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I Don’t Remember

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