You Think the Catholic Church has Too Many Rules?

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One of the many complaints I’ve heard about the Catholic faith is how restrictive it is. Why do we have to go to Mass every week? Why the Puritanical boundaries on sex and marriage? Why would you purposely carry the weight of all those rules?

What is often missed, though, is what the Catholic church does not demand.

The Catholic church does not demand that you make a certain amount of money before God thinks you are important enough to spend time with. It doesn’t ask you to wear certain clothes or you’ll be labeled as out-of-style or outside of an acceptable class or unpopular.

The Catholic church does not demand that you go to college and get an education. It does not expect you to be a successful businessman or woman. It does not devalue you because you’ve decided to live a single or married life. Among the ranks of saints are everything from kings to homeless people, mothers and fathers to sisters and monks.

The Catholic church doesn’t care whether you are old or young or somewhere in between. It cares about you right from the moment of conception to the moment you die and beyond. It values you equally in every stage of life.

You do not have to be a registered Democrat or Republican to be part of the Catholic church. Whatever you label yourself – left, right center – is a distant second to the main request of the church to love people.

You do not have to be a certain ethnicity. You don’t have to speak English to be part of the Catholic Church. If anything, the church will find a way to make it’s spiritual life accessible to you no matter your language, ethnicity or cultural background.

The Catholic church will take you back when you have committed the most heinous and horrible sins imaginable. It opens it’s arms wide to the repentant murderer, pedophile, drug addict, and prostitute as much as it does to anyone else.

I can say all of this about the church, but you know who I can’t say this about?

The rest of the world.

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