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Driving through winding forest roads near my home growing up, I decided to let myself listen to Eminem.

I was in high school when the rapper came on the scene, and one thing you have to know about me is that I was quite the Fundamentalist, Evangelical legalist in those days. I didn’t listen too much to music with lyrics that were unseemly.

For some reason I can’t remember, though, I let his music come through the car amp anyway. And when I did, I was mesmerized. The beats, the music, the lyrics all pulled me in.

I didn’t agree with a single word he was rapping, but it was like he grabbed me, sat me down in a chair, and made me feel what he felt. I may not have agreed with him, but I don’t think that was the point. The point was that by the end of his song, I got him. I understood where he was coming from.

It might sound strange, but fifty posts into this thing, I still have not sat down to figure out what this blog is about. I wanted to let it unfold on it’s own.

I think I see it now, though. I want to be like Eminem.

This is a Catholic site, right? It’s in the name of it. I have a whole series on why I’m Catholic. I have a podcast on the teachings of Pope Francis, and so on, but this being 2020 and the great season of polarization, it’s hard for me to believe that anything I say will do anything other than encourage those who already agree with me and discourage those who don’t. There is only a small margin of swing voters here.

That’s ok. The point of every post on this blog, when I get right down to it, is to grab you, sit you in a chair, and make you feel what I feel. You may or may not agree with me. It’s not really my job to convince you. But I hope, by the end of all this, you will get it – even if just a little more than you did before. You will understand why a billion people can’t just walk away from this 2000 year old religion – or at least you will understand why I can’t.

So I write stories, I write songs, I do videos, and yes, I write opinion pieces so that you won’t just know what Catholics believe, but also (and maybe more to the point) you will know what being Catholic feels like. You will see the beauty of the Catholic Church that so many people in our world today seem to assume is not there.

So feel free to disagree. You can say that in the comment section. I’m down with discussion. I just want you to get me.

Who knows? Maybe if we talk a little, I’ll be able to get you, too.

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