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All Along the Watchtower – a Delightful Site


In the last couple months, I’ve discovered a delightful place online titled All Along the Watchtower. The website has a smattering of Christian opinion pieces from people with different backgrounds.

It keeps pulling me back to it for a few different reasons.

  1. Everyone I’ve read there has smart and interesting things to say. They come from multiple Christian backgrounds – some Anglicans, some Catholics, etc.
  2. They are civil. Heated discussions get started in the comment sections, but they end with mutual respect.
  3. Differing opinions are welcome, which is becoming more and more rare online. I’ve discovered sites on here that won’t even let me comment because it doesn’t tow the party line of their particular site. Of course, every site owner has the right to block commenters, but it tells you something about the atmosphere of a place when only people who agree with the owner are allowed to speak.

In a way, this is shameful plugging. Full disclosure: they allow me to post there, too. Still, if you go there and only read everyone else’s stuff, I will be a happy man.

I hope you check it out. We need more places like these.

There’s good stuff here, too! Maybe subscribe?

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