2. Biblical Overview: From Adam and Eve to Abraham

Through the Bible

After Adam and Eve sinned, humanity went in continual circles that you can trace through the whole Bible – and perhaps even up to the present day. It goes something like this:

  1. God makes a deal with some person/group. The deal is, he will bless them if they follow him and punish them if they don’t.
  2. Person/group like the idea and join in.
  3. Person/group subsequently break the deal over and over again.
  4. God is patient and forgiving for awhile but then punishes them as per their agreement.
  5. Person/group realize they don’t like God punishing them and would prefer God’s blessings.
  6. Return to #1 and repeat.

Adam and Eve had children who then had children who then had children and so on. And with each generation, the sin got worse and worse, which is saying a lot, considering the next bad thing to happen after Adam and Eve left the Garden was one of their children killed his brother.

Eventually, literally everyone was turning away from God and doing downright wicked things all the time except for one man: Noah. So God thought it was time to wipe the slate clean and start over.

God told Noah to make an enormous boat and put two of every kind of animal in there along with himself and his family. After doing this, a great flood wiped out every living human being except for those safe in the boat.

Did this solve the problem of sin? Of course not, but call it a “Great Reset.”

It’s questionable as to how literal we should take all the details of the Noah story, but consider that tribes in places as far flung as the Americas have some Flood Myth similar to the Bible’s as part of their culture’s collective narrative. Chew on that for awhile.

What Makes Sin Sin?

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Part of what makes sin sin is that it breaks the law of love we all know about whether we are religious or not. We all know it is not ok to kill your parents or steal ice cream from small children. These transgress a rule of love deep within our hearts.

But more than that, in the Bible, to sin is to set ourselves up as God the same way Lucifer did. Or it is to declare something else “God” that is not God and treat it like that. We bow to it and sacrifice for it with blood, sweat and tears – something like Money, for example.

This is both an insult to the Creator and does violence to ourselves, in a way. No person or thing can give us what only God can. It’s like trying to live on gum.

A few generations after Noah, humanity decided to build this Tower of Babel which would reach to the Heavens. It was as much a monument to their own “greatness” as to anything else.

They worked together to do it. They pooled their resources, but at the heart of this was the very thing that corrupted Satan, Adam and Eve, and all those people in Noah’s time.

So God confused their single language and split it into many. People couldn’t understand each other and eventually disbursed in different directions.

That was not the final goal, though. God did not want people to be divided per se, but to be united under the false god of their own egos wasn’t any good either.

No, he had to plant something new. He could still restore paradise, but not like this. The path to redemption would start with a new man: Abraham.

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