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Any Other Woman – a song by Catholic Anonymous


Below is a song I recorded months ago that I recently put footage to and turned into a music video.

I love my wife, and this is my expression of how I can’t be with anyone but her. It’s me pleading with her to believe that I will never abandon her.

I hesitated to put it up on this blog. The content on this site skews explicitly religious, and showing people holding hands and beautiful women running through fields can be taken the wrong way. I tried to keep this very G-Rated. Still, I know I might be taking a chance here.

At the same time, there is so little music out there that glorifies committed married life in comparison to hook-up culture. The joy of having someone with you that you know will never leave you, who has vowed up and down before witnesses to be with you always, is one of the sweetest pleasures in life. It is what makes the truly Catholic marriage so romantic.

As to the video itself, there is some irony in the fact that I sing “I can’t be with any other woman” while showing footage of multiple women. Sadly, I know next to nothing about filming. I use stock footage and piece snippets together to create a story, and this was what I got. I hope it is still effective.

You can read the lyrics here.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!

Any Other Woman – by Catholic Anonymous

©2020 Catholic Anonymous

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