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I Don’t Remember – Music Video by Catholic Anonymous

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My dad died a couple weeks before my wife and I got married. We knew it was coming. He had cancer.

Honestly, at the time, it didn’t bother me as much as you might think it would. He had been suffering for awhile. It was time for that suffering to end.

But another reason it didn’t bother me as much was because my dad was not always the greatest picture of fatherhood. I’m not going to go into aspects of his life I found unfavorable here, but each of us in the family had our own stories of woe when it came to dealing with him.

About a year or two ago, though, I was driving to work when I suddenly realized that all the emotional angst and frustration I had surrounding our relationship was simply not there anymore. When his face came to mind, I only remembered the good parts of him – the times he gave me good advice, taught me valuable life lessons, sat me on his knee.

Most importantly, I remember how he faithfully prayed for me every day. I still have that picture in my head of him on his knees, by his bed, hands clasped and head bowed.

This song is about that experience of letting go of my bitterness and clinging to the good memories I had with him.

You can read the lyrics here. I hope you enjoy it.

I Don’t Remember – Catholic Anonymous

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