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Splitting this blog up…. again.


If you stumbled upon this blog, you would be forgiven for wondering what the gist of it is.

I mean, obviously it’s a Catholic blog. But I am going through the Bible, making music videos, doing a podcast, and writing fiction all under the same heading. It’s getting so varied, I can imagine someone getting frustrated subscribing thinking, “This guy’s going to talk about the Bible” and then getting a short story about two guys who go back in time.

So I’m splitting this blog up again. I say “again”, because I did this before already, but then brought it back together but then realized that was a bad idea. (Yes, I am a noob)

Why? Because I realized I can pump out about two posts a day, and if I were a subscriber, I would not want to have so many posts coming to my inbox with content I’m not interested in.

So here are the three different sites and what I’ll be doing with them. Subscribe to what you want if you see something you like.

Catholic Commentary

This site you are on right now will have commentary on Catholic issues: a series that goes through the Bible, updates on the Wisdom of Pope Francis podcast (currently exploring Fratelli Tutti), video meditations on the faith, and other miscellaneous commentary on Catholic/Christian issues.

This site is overtly Catholic. Unless you want to know about the Catholic faith or are interested in the religious spin on things, I wouldn’t subscribe here.


I am musician first in my daily life. I teach piano and guitar to students. That’s my day job. I also write songs on a regular basis.

This site will be dedicated to that. It is not overtly Catholic, though my faith inspires everything I do in some way. To date, I have put up a song about coming to peace with my late father, expressing my love for my wife, and dealing with mental illness.

I always want to explore the writing, composing, recording, and video process of what I do on this music site which don’t lend themselves to the overtly Catholic one.

If you like my music and want to hear more of it, subscribe there.


This site will be my dumping ground for all the fiction I write.

To date, I have written a story about three people’s relationship with God and their journey to the afterlife. I wrote another about two guys who go back in time to the first Christmas nativity scene. Currently, I am working on a Catholic sci-fi book and will be posting chapter by chapter on the stories site.

If you like fiction and storytelling, check it out.

Thank You!

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, special blessings upon you for your patience. If you have been enjoying some aspects of this blog and not others, please let me know what you would be interested in reading more of.

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