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When I was Weak, You Gave Me Strength

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When I was weak, you gave me strength to keep moving.

When I was poor, you gave me my daily bread.

When I was reckless, you patiently waited for me.

When I was faithless, you were faithful.

When I failed you, you forgave.

When I was lost, you guided me steps.

When I was proud, you humbled me.

When I was sad, you comforted me.

When I despaired, you spoke words of encouragement.

When was I happy and you were not the core of my delight?

When was I fulfilled and you were not the one who filled me?

Why do I run from you, when you have always been all I needed?

Why do I forget you when you remind me in a thousand ways that you are near?

Why do I disobey you when your will is only for my good?

You love me though I can give you nothing in return.

It is in my nature to need you.

It is in your nature to give.

These mysteries at the center of existence I will never comprehend.

This mystery at the heart of everything, your love.

©2021 Catholic Anonymous

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