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What, Who and Why is Catholic Anonymous?

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Life’s been busy, so I’m keeping this episode easy on myself. I explain here the different projects I do under the Catholic Anonymous heading and also explain why it’s anonymous.

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Hello! Welcome to the Wisdom of Pope Francis podcast. Typically, in these episodes, we go deep into the writings of Pope Francis – right now, that Fratelli Tutti, his latest encyclical. But to be honest, it is not Christmas vacation anymore, and I do not have as much free time as I would like.

So for this episode, I wanted to try something different. I’ll be up front now, so that if you want to skip this one and come back next week, you can do that.

In this episode I wanted to explain what I do as Catholic Anonymous and tell you a bit about who I am, because the whole Catholic Anonymous thing is not just this podcast, it’s a lot more. If you like this podcast, and my style, there are a lot of other works I’m involved in that I think listeners might enjoy.

So, to explain what I do, I want to start with a story. When I was young, my dad was a hard core evangelist. He would talk to everyone about Jesus. He was not Catholic. He was what you might call a fundamentalist. And he always had his elevator pitch for Jesus up his sleeve to tell the waitress at a restaurant or the bus driver or whoever he met on the street.

But even though that worked for him, that was never me. I always wanted to have his zeal, but I’m an introvert who’s artsy and more of a creative type. And there is something a little disingenuous about the way my dad did it, may he rest in peace. Like, how do you take the richness and depth of Christianity and boil it down to a sales pitch, you know?

More than that, There are times I feel like even if I told you what the Catholic faith was about, I can’t give you an experience of it. And for me, at the heart of faith is that experience of the beauty and profundity of who Jesus is for us.

So it got me thinking, if someone asked me to tell them about my faith, about the Catholic faith now, what would I do? Everything I do with Catholic Anonymous is my answer to that question.

So on, I write stories. I’m currently writing a sci-fi Catholic novel a chapter at a time exploring the spiritual impacts of artificial intelligence.

On catholic, I’m posting music.

On my YouTube channel, I’m turning that music into music videos and converting these podcast episodes into YouTube videos. I also have short video meditations on aspects of the Catholic faith.

And finally, catholic is at the heart of all of it. There I write about the spiritual life, lessons from the Bible, and current events through a Catholic lens.

In all of this, I try to put my own creative spin on it, and I try to be honest.

Another question you maybe never thought of asking is, why am I doing this anonymously? And that has to do with another desire of mine for all this stuff.

If you’ve listened to or read any of my stuff, you know I’m not a Catholic hacktivist or someone with inside information about the Vatican. That’s not what the whole “anonymous” thing is about.

Mostly I want to get myself out of the way of what I’m doing, if that makes sense. None of this is ultimately about me. It’s about the message. And also, while I think it’s perfectly fine for someone to come out and say, “My name is Jimmy Joe Bob, and this is what I think about life,” I’m just a little too much of a narcissist. I get too wrapped up in what people think of me. And I want to share my faith in this way, but it needs to be my faith and not me, you know?

Also, to be bare-knuckle honest about the faith, it’s beneficial to be anonymous. It’s not that I’m worried I’d lose my day job or something. THere’s nothing especially controversial in what I say. But the lessons I’ve learned in life that I feel compelled to share come from living through very emotional, difficult, agonizing things. I don’t mind sharing that if it’s just my dirty laundry I’m airing, but I do not feel I have the right to divulge other people’s secrets in the process, which I would have to do if I couldn’t hide their identity along with mine. I want to be honest about the good and the bad of being Catholic, but I don’t want to have to gossip about specific people or places to do it.

So there you go: the answer to all the questions you never thought of asking. Never fear, I will be back to talking about all the good stuff our wonderful Pope has to tell the world next time.

Until then, God bless.

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