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Why I am Catholic – Closing Thoughts

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This is the closing video for the Why I am Catholic series I put up on YouTube. This one is not based on any post. I just thought I’d give some closing thoughts.

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Can you remember a time, as a child, when you looked up at the stars in the night sky and someone showed where the Little Dipper was? Or Orion or some other constellation?

If you were like me, you probably didn’t see it at first. But the more you tried, you began to recognize the dipper’s cup or Orion’s Belt.

In the previous videos, every piece of evidence or reason I give for why I am Catholic is like one of those stars. One of them alone does not create a picture of the truth. One of them alone might not be enough to convince me. But taken together, they form a picture.

One star is the way our hearts gravitate towards the idea of a God, another is the way the universe seems to imply one. Yet more are miracle stories and the miracle of the Bible itself. Another is the need for a final arbiter to decide what the correct interpretation of Christian tradition is so we are all on the same page.

It is all of this taken together that pulls me to the Catholic faith.

This might seem like a shoddy way to come to faith to some. But the thing is, most of the big decisions we make are not because of one thing, but an assortment of things.

We take the job in another city not just because it’s new and exciting, or because of the weather there, or because it pays more. It’s most likely all three reasons and a few more.

We don’t marry the man or woman we love because they are attractive alone, or funny alone, or grounded alone. It’s a combination of a lot of different things.

And do we know for certain, when we take that job or marry that woman, that we are making the right decision? Do we have scientific accuracy when it comes to our decision? Of course not.

Yet if we didn’t take these leaps of faith every now and then, especially when the decision is something that could radically change our lives for the better, how impoverished our existence would be. If wait till everything is certain before we decide these big decisions, we will never move.

I hope these videos have give you food for thought. Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you the best, and thank you for watching.

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