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Links for a Defense of Catholicism


Over the last couple weeks, I have gotten into three or four conversations with people online who are either hostile to Catholicism or disregarding of it. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through their objections and pondering their concerns, many of which are understandable. But it takes up a lot of my time to engage in these kinds of important conversations. And honestly, I can think of probably ten people off the top of my head who would be better equipped to answer them.

In light of this, I thought it good to keep a running post that I can add to over time full of sites and books that can answer their questions more thoroughly. I could get sucked into 100+ comment conversations online if I’m not careful, and that would mean no new posts here. No bueno. 🙁

So with these people in mind, and any others who might want to get into a debate about the theology or philosophy of Catholicism, I humbly offer these sites:

Catholic Answers

This is really the go-to site for all sorts of miscellaneous questions anyone has about why Catholics believe the stuff they do. It covers questions about the existence of God, whether Catholics add to the simple Gospel message, and all manner of other issues.

Called to Communion

This site was created by Christians coming from the Reformed tradition who then converted. A few of them, I think, were actually pastors. They are wicked smart and very thorough in their explanations of why they joined the Catholic Church.

The posts are great, but the comments are even better. I would read both. If you are someone who is protestant, you will probably have a lot of objections to what they say, but many of these objections are addressed in their “comments” section.

The link above should send you to an index of all their articles so you can find what interests you most.

The Magis Center

This is a site dedicated to the interaction between science and faith. I would recommend this one for someone who is a rationalist or atheist. Some topics covered include, “Evidence for God from Contemporary Science and Philosophy”, “Science, God and Creation”, and others. They also have a running blog.

The link above should send you to an index of their main articles.

There are countless books and sites on these topics, but honestly, philosophy and science were not as important to me in making the Catholic faith attractive and compelling. I read a few articles here and there and have interacted a bit with overviews of large philosophical ideas, but I couldn’t take you on a deep dive of these issues.

This is not to say that difficult questions about science, the Bible, and faith are not important, though. If you are interested in that, I hope the sites are helpful in at least showing that Catholics have wrestled with these questions.

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