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Globalization or Localization? Pope Francis says, “Both!”

Wisdom of Pope Francis

This post was updated 2/1/2021

I’m almost caught up converting my Wisdom of Pope Francis episodes to YouTube videos. Here is the video to go with this particular podcast episode.

Episode 10 of Wisdom of Pope Francis

At the end of chapter 4 of Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis says we need to hold the two goals of dealing with global problems and taking care of our own in tension with one another. It’s both/and, not either/or. With pride in our own culture and way of life, we can still learn from those outside our tribe.

I explore how this might affect how we live individually and what light this might shed on the problems facing America and in the Catholic Church today.

Read Fratelli Tutti for yourself at this link.

16. Pope Francis' Message for Lent/2021 Wisdom of Pope Francis

Pope Francis offers advice and encouragement, reminding us of the meaning of Lent and offering practical advice on how to deepen our experience of it. He gives his perspective on the practices of almsgiving, fasting and prayer while also diving deeper into the meaning of the virtues of love, hope and faith in this season. Read his message
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