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The Prison of Pride and the Home of Humility

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Below is my most recent video meditation on pride and humility. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Prison of Pride, the Joy of Humility


Being proud is like living in a room with no windows. It doesn’t matter how large it is, all you can see is what’s inside. Nothing more.

Being humble is like living in a home with windows from floor to ceiling. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Light gets in, and the world outside can be seen.

When you are proud, you are constantly burdened with an ideal in your head. There is always someone richer, smarter, funnier, stronger, more talented and more charming. Oh yes, and more spiritual. Your deficiency is a persistent noise in your heart, like metal grating against metal.

When you are humble, you feel light and airy – free to be whatever it is you are with all your strengths, weaknesses ad quirks. Life is not a game with winners and losers. It is a hiking trail to be explored or a city to be enjoyed.

When you are proud, you constantly look in the mirror. You are preoccupied with yourself, whether to praise or to judge what you see.

When you are humble, you give yourself no final judgment, if you think of yourself at all.

When you are proud, you feel the need to control all that you can. So scared are you of losing what you have accumulated through your selfish effort.

When you are humble, you are content and find in your own spirit a peace that feeds you for a thousand lifetimes.

I know very well what it’s like to be proud. I know well that prison that keeps me locked inside myself.

But in brief, quiet moments, my wall cracks, and I am able to see outside my dank, dark home. I am able to forget myself long enough to breath the fresh air and feel the sweet sunshine on my face.

Too brief are these moments before my wall closes in and my mind sinks into the pit of its own arrogance.

But I have hope that little by little, bit by bit, these walls will crumble. And my soul will be free to roam the vast plains, valleys and mountains of humility.

Some day… some day…

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